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    Most Valuable Scholars Application

    Most Valuable Scholars Program Application



    Student Type:
    Are you currently a high school junior with the intentions to graduate from high school in 2020?
    Basic Information:
    Contact Information:
    Mailing Address:

    Educational Background
    Submission: Video or Essay (only one required):
    In addition to the application, each student must submit a 500-word essay on why they want to be part of the Most Valuable Scholars program. 

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    In accordance with FERPA, I, the above listed individual/student, hereby authorize Xavier University of Louisiana to publicly release information from my educational record for any purposes necessary, including marketing and promotional purposes, as related to the Most Valuable Scholars Program.  I acknowledge by hitting the "Submit" button on this application, that I understand that although I am not required to release my information, I am giving my consent to do so.